Paprima was established in 1986 and specializes in manufacturing safer and more reliable tail handling systems designed for the pulp and paper industry. In addition to being a world leading manufacturer of custom-made waterjet tail cutting, edge trimming and slitting systems,conventional wet and dry-end tail cutting and air threading systems, they also produce wet-felt, and dryer fabric high pressure water single jet cleaning showers. These products can be supplied as complete turn-key systems.

Paprima has designed and developed a unique high pressure water pump, which is capable of cutting a variety of materials such as metals, glass, fibre composites at pressures up to 35,000 PSIG. Besides manufacturing all control systems for its products at its own premises, Paprima also designs and develops software.

These innovative products are providing papermakers new opportunities to improve safety practices, and to reduce the major production losses associated with tail cutting. Paprima's high pressure waterjet technology allow for optimum speeds and efficiencies in producing newsprint. Examples of Paprima's technological contributions include waterjet edge trimming on one of the largest coaters in the world, waterjet tissue and towelling edge trimming and slitting and new waterjet tail threading projects on paperboard machines in the US.


Tail Cutters:

All JET-X tail cutters are equipped with an essential support guide (patent pending) for efficient cutting. The impact of the waterjet striking the sheet exerts a force on the sheet which tends to move the sheet away from the jet nozzle; similiar to using a knife or saw blade. Low pressure inside the box is created by pressurized air, holding the sheet stable against the support plate, and in close proximity to the jet nozzle, knife or saw cutting blade.

Paprima JET-X tail cutters are accessible from multiple control stations and will automatically locate multiple pre-determined stop points across the machine with a high degree of precision. Using an optical encoder, the tail cutters can be positioned over several deckle positions across the machine eliminating proximity switches. Push-buttons on operator panels can be used to manually perform all operating tasks. The panels are equipped with a digital message display center providing information on the alarms and actions necessary to solve problems. The cross machine speed is adjustable to meet specific needs on multiple-grade producing machines.

Waterjet system advantages:

The waterjet is not affected by differential cross machine tension and moisture and does not exert any drag on the sheets. It works on all grades, all speeds, and all calipers while reducing downtime. The advantage of waterjet cutting and trimming systems are straightforward: additional user stations my be added easily and economically after investment in the PLC and high pressure intensifier pump. One waterjet system can energize several tail cutting stations on the same machine, or can be shared between paper machines. In addition, it is possible to combine waterjet tail cutting with edge trimming and slitting on the same machine. Waterjet edge trimming of excess paper width after the calander, or before the size press, eliminates the expense of eliminating trim at the winder. It is possible to slit small rolls before the reel on tissue and towelling producing machines, and thus eliminating the expense of re-winding.



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